It’s lovely to see houses and the office without all of the tacky decorations and things again isn’t it?

The end of pine needles in all of my socks, collections of well-meaning cards doing little but collecting dust and of the pressure to constantly have a glass of something or other in progress.

This morning, just like many other people, I peeled back the curtains on another working year. Back to the early starts, the commute and to ‘getting stuff done’ on a day-to-day basis.

It’s easy to fall into bad habits and the routine of not doing very much over the holidays, particularly extended ones like Christmas. Having bank holidays (forced days of non-achievement) far enough apart that it seems possible to get lots done, but close enough together that it’s actually futile, is a unique skill of the Christmas break to kill off any attempts at making plans.

Without work there would be no holidays though and I’m very much looking forward to what this week and beyond will bring. I don’t even mind the train journey.

At work I managed to end the year on a high – completing my ‘to do’ list on December 24th just as I planned. Last year was very much about rebuilding the foundations after a significant change developed into a massive one, defining a purpose and trying to keep up with doing things while we did.

This year is the year of building on that and ticking boxes with it. The team is in place, the ‘stuff’ is in place behind the scenes and even just looking at the plan for the first three months I am already seeing lots I’m excited to see finished.

What I’m most looking forward to this year is having the opportunity to put the plans I’ve made into practice, the chance to say no to being reactive and the chance to have a crack at not getting as frustrated with how things go.

At home, I’m spending my first year as a Fiancé – I’m going to have to learn all about pelmets – constantly declaring “I’m getting married next year” at various points during seemingly unrelated conversations.

I’m going on a cruise despite having a bit of a massive fear of water and boats, so I’m also spending the first three months of the year reading in great detail about what happened to the Costa Concordia and to Titanic.

Assuming we don’t capsize or drown, I’ll set a new personal best record of visiting the same holiday destination three years in a row.

And I’m going to start studying for my CIPR Diploma in Public Relations in April in an attempt to quench my thirst for some proper learning again.

I’ll be following my Aunty Karen and her partner Kate as they embark on their ‘Year of Saying Yes’ and put down roots in a new town, in a new country.

And I’ll be attempting once again to keep it “more of the same” as my New Year’s resolution.

If there was one thing I’d like to do differently this year though it’s to build on my realisation that resting doesn’t mean doing nothing, but that’s about it.

Happy New Year.

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