#BEDM17 Jeremy Corbyn worries me

I’m blogging every day in May, for no particular reason other than I can. I’ve come up with 31 topics and I’m going to bash on my keyboard about each of them. If you enjoy them then you’re welcome; if you don’t, then why are you still here?

As you might have got from my post on the day that Teresa May announced we were all to begin our obsession with ‘the polls’ again for six more weeks, I’m a bit worried about this election.

It’s not just that recent history of ‘trusting the people’ suggests that the people cannot be trusted, but also the amount that Jeremy Corbyn enjoys elections is just terrifying.

Alright, he focuses mainly on audiences he can easily win over but enjoying the process of engaging with people in an uncontrolled environment isn’t something he shares with Ms May as her team’s penchant for locking journalists in cupboards might suggest.

When Jezza turns up on Andrew Marr any other time there’s a reasonable chance he’ll answer questions he wasn’t asked and point out that he disagrees with his own party’s policy, say something about ‘the many’ and spend the entire time sneering like Mrs Bucket at Onslow in a vest.

But the last time he did it, everything was different. He smiled and laughed and said things he’d do like increase people’s pay and creating bank holidays. I mean, he kind of said he wanted to talk about a political agreement with ISIS and he was wearing light coloured socks with a dark suit, but that’s by-the-by.

So despite the local election results, some of the feedback from Lord Ashcroft’s polls that Jezza is actually saying things people want to hear is worrying me.

“I saw him on the Andrew Marr Show, and I was sitting there thinking, actually, you’re making a lot of sense, and I kind of agree with quite a lot of what you were saying. And that slightly surprised me.”

Lord Ashcroft Polls – It’s Emirates v. EasyJet

Trump’s promises; the infamous bus. They all said the things people wanted to hear, and look where that got us.

Whoever the winner: socialism is going to have a lot more British votes than it’s had for a long time on June 8 and that’s probably enough for Jezza.

Photo credit: steven.eason via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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